Filters for nuclear industry

Aerosol filters

Aerosol filters are designed for fine and highly efficient purification of air (gases) from aerosol particles.

Aerosol filters are distinguished by high cleaning efficiency, compactness due to the special packaging of the filter material in the housing, low aerodynamic resistance, which allows the filters to be used in various areas of the economy where a high degree of air (gas) purification from radioactive, toxic, bacterial, and other aerosols is required.

We offer various types of aerosol filters for delivery, including filters of the PFTS, FKS, F, FV, FB, FU, FK, FL, FSGO, FP, D, DK series.


Absolute purification filters

Absolute purification filters of the HEPA type are designed for fine air purification, they are highly efficient and capable of retaining the smallest particles. HEPA filters are used as a means of final purification of the air stream just before it enters the room.

The effectiveness of HEPA filters is measured by the number of particles up to 0.06 microns per litre of air that remain after passing through the filter. Proposed classes of filtres: HEPA 10 (50000), HEPA 11 (5000), HEPA 12 (500), HEPA 13 (50), HEPA 14 (5)

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