Decontamination means

Means for removing radioactive substances are directly related to improving the safety of nuclear power facilities.

Decontaminating compositions are designed for effective decontamination of human skin and various surfaces of equipment, premises, metal structures, etc. from radioactive contamination. Decontaminating compositions are characterised by ease of use and can be used in emergency situations directly at the workplace.

The use of foam self-contained aerosol decontaminating agents has a number of the following advantages over other known methods:

  • no liquid radioactive waste (LRW) is generated during use;
  • non-combustibility of compositions;
  • absence of toxic components in them;
  • absence of LRW ensures the safety of decontamination;
  • efficiency of decontamination directly at the moment of contamination of surfaces with radioactive isotopes;
  • application of this method does not require a special supply of electricity, air, etc., which is especially important in the elimination of radiation accidents.

SVERTAS supplies film-forming, foamy, liquid and dust-suppressing decontaminants. All of them are designed for use on various surfaces, such as human skin, appliances, steel surfaces, painted surfaces, concrete and more.
Decontaminating compositions can be supplied in aerosol cans, as well as solutions in polyethylene canisters.

We also offer products for systematic hygienic care of hair, body, skin of hands, which are especially effective when used in areas with a high level of background radiation and industrial areas, as well as during work in production related to direct contact with pollution.