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implementation of power energy projects,
supply of energy equipment

svertas group

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About us
  • Activities in the energy, industrial, petrochemical field
  • Projects related to NPP decommissioning
  • Radioactive Waste Management
  • Projects related to supply of a wide range of energy and industrial equipment and materials
Industrial and nuclear projects
2020 - 2022. Overhaul of the type BVD-4600-1500U3 exciter armature, power unit No. 1 of South-Ukraine NPP
2019-2020. Review of the design documentation for the 1st stage of dismantling and decontamination of the equipment at Unit A-1 of Ignalina NPP
2015-2016. Examination of design documentation for a Near Surface Repository For Low And Intermediate Level Short-Lived Radioactive Waste
2018-2020. Facility of radioactive waste retrieval from the cells of solid radioactive waste storage facility for Khmelnytskyi NPP
2019 -2020. Supply of fire resistant turbine oil
2019 - 2020.Revision of design documentation for stage I dismantling and decontamination of equipment of unit A-1 of Ignalina NPP
References on works in power, oil & gas industry
2019. Refinery equipment repair work
2021 Dismantling and assembly works of technological equipment and parts thereof
2019. Emergency repair of turbogenerator, Estonia
2017-2018. Construction of 4,5 MW water-heating boiler house and all auxilary equipment
2018-2020. Modernization of heat supply stations of apartment houses and public buildings
2014-2015. Assessment of the technical condition of the steam turbines of Units 7 and 8 of the Lithuanian Power Plant