2018-2020. Metal decontamination facility

2018-2020. Metal decontamination complex

Metal decontamination unit is a specialised complex for decontamination of metallic radioactive waste, manufactured for the needs of a particular facility. Within the framework of the contract, the following works were performed - design, manufacture and supply of a complex-facility for the decontamination of metal and equipment.

Components of the unit are as follows:

  • ultrasonic decontamination module (ultrasonic baths),
  • rinsing and drying module,
  • hydroabrasive cleaning module,
  • radiation control module,
  • overload module - turnover station.
  • specialised overhead crane of high accuracy for moving MRW within the facility,
  • auxiliary modules - modules for the preparation and regeneration of decontamination solutions, monitoring and control system of the facility. 
Customer: SE NAEK "ENERGOATOM" (Ukraine), Khmelnitsky NPP