Turbo generators and spare parts

Svertas group  supplies steam gas turbines and generators for installation at various facilities. First of all, we focus on the customer and therefore we are able to offer the best solution and, if necessary, to carry out the installation of the equipment itself. The list of services also includes contract supervision, adjustment and commissioning of equipment.
In addition to the supply of new steam turbines, we also provide their comprehensive after-sales service, overhauls and reconstructions, as well as the supply of any types of spare parts.

Moreover, we offer delivery of the components and parts for steam turbines of different manufacturers:
- Steam turbine rotors;
- Bladed impellers;
- Welded packets of blades;
- Working blades of turbine rotors HPC, MPC, LPC with various types of tails;
- Blade guides;
- Bandages of working and guide vanes, bonding wire segments, soldered wire segments;
- Nozzle and guide vanes and blades for them;
- Diaphragms (welded and cast);
- Regulating diaphragms;
- Clips, furnace chambers;
- O-rings;
- Safety automation;
- Stop valves, regulating;
- Servo motors;
- Spare parts for steam distribution and regulation units. Valves, seats, rods, bushings, spools, fists.
- Plain bearings: support, thrust, support-thrust,
- Connecting couplings;
Oil pumps centrifugal, toothed.